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Dance of the Hands

Sergej Andreevski charms with his energetic painting style. Colouring the world, he is a storyteller with a distinct style.
The exhibition was shown in the period 14.10. 2017 – 10.12.2017

The paintings exhibited here exemplify a significant pivotal focus in Sergej Andreevski’s creative process as reflected in his childhood memories. The entire opus of his paintings is strung on one logical thread: a matrix passed down from the ancient forbearers of the Macedonia. In short, Sergej is at home wherever he is. The paintings are his home.
As the artist he is the epitome of the energy of the act of creation. The ritual of painting with his hands has a magical power. It leads us into the furrows of his ancestral land. His paintings of people and animals contain no monotony. An alchemic link is created with his use of linear elements, graphic dexterity, and vivid color. These elements are the keys that unlocks the door to Andreevski’s world of artistic treasures. He lives and paints with unquenchable euphoric passion. In Sergej there lives the ongoing challenges of a man with eternal youth who consistently celebrates life.
He makes his drawings using the time-tested tools of precise graphic design and living colors. His forms and figures possess formidable power and impulse of the color spectacle.
The dance of hands is soaked in vivid colors that resurrect the light of Macedonia. The day is born with the song of birds, the murmur of water, and the scent of flowers. The ancestors are brought back as spirits to lift our eyes… to dance blessing. Hands dance in the distant past.

Marina Leshkova, painter and art historian
English editor
Dick Roberts, painter and poet