2Dobriot Zmej
1Tower Of Babylon
23Gradot Od Romanot
21Ubavata Pateka
20Grad Vo Sino
11Lici Na Grad
10Skrseni Krila
8Red Dreams
45 Lepeza
32Papermasche Riba
31padnatiot Angel
27Molitva 1
26Molitva 2 A
28Molitva 3
6Bik5Gjavol4Medusa13Maskarade2Dobriot Zmej1Tower Of Babylon23Gradot Od Romanot21Ubavata Pateka20Grad Vo Sino11Lici Na Grad10Skrseni Krila8Red Dreams4645 Lepeza32Papermasche Riba31padnatiot Angel27Molitva 126Molitva 2 A28Molitva 3

Quo vadis?

We have a meeting with a proven multimedia artist. Known to the public with her creative narration of the past and the present, on the relationship I and the Other. She presents us with some of her works that are unfamiliar to the public: “Medusa”, “The Good Dragon,” “Babylon”, “Devil” and others, with apocalyptic, mythological creatures depicted in dark gammas with strong artistic sense and dramaturgy. She explores our collective consciousness and encourages us to question from the outside to the inside – Where are we going?

The “Joy of Living” focuses on the forgotten styling techniques in all media. With the power of feminine art and a sharp feeling, she strives to connect the tradition by linking it to the set carpet. With recycled objects in a new suit of usable value and the beauty of living, she interactively introduces us into the universal world the magic circle of desire.

In the triptych “Prayer” with the use of golden planes, she suggests a strong mysticism and platform of dreaming and celebration of collective consciousness. Let’s pray before we get out. With her works, she give us a roadmap for the healing of the soul and the body.
Good start with the symbolism of A & D.

Marina Leshkova, artist