1 I Believe I Can Fly Copy
1 I Believe I Can Fly Copy
2 100×100 Ljubovna Copy
4 Macinjata Na Bruno Copy
7 So Prof Time To Create Your Own Story 80×80 Mix Copy
8 Diptih 50×50 Diptih Reflexion Copy
13 So Prof Copy
15 So Prof Utrinska Yoga Copy
21 Platno 30×30 Victory Mix Copy
22platno 30×30 Only The Winds Copy
23 Platno 30×30 Pregrni Me Copy
25 So Prof Fly To The Sky Copy
Timeless Nova
Zani 1
Zani 2
1 I Believe I Can Fly Copy2 100×100 Ljubovna Copy4 Macinjata Na Bruno Copy7 So Prof Time To Create Your Own Story 80×80 Mix Copy8 Diptih 50×50 Diptih Reflexion Copy13 So Prof Copy15 So Prof Utrinska Yoga Copy21 Platno 30×30 Victory Mix Copy22platno 30×30 Only The Winds Copy23 Platno 30×30 Pregrni Me Copy25 So Prof Fly To The Sky CopyTimeless NovaZani 1Zani 2IMG 2033IMG 2036IMG 203843677250 2291151337783471 1225362716533719040 O44934006 2291152121116726 6682263299125411840 O44939493 2291151777783427 8777462935841669120 O44946573 2291151554450116 1290370040150884352 O44948348 2291151821116756 6979577479568556032 O44950318 2291152274450044 8897948072848392192 O44953713 2291152167783388 5329614850203058176 O44953763 2291151981116740 4703750300274524160 O44958939 2291149904450281 7378656219986132992 O44959718 2291152161116722 4681977259920195584 O44960059 2291151157783489 1327845730047492096 O44964327 2291150041116934 2235480136256323584 O44972022 2291151314450140 6796901383619477504 O44976670 2291151594450112 3318597001985130496 O44987631 2291151137783491 2233159896138776576 O45007805 2291151517783453 1569907574294183936 O45030849 2291151734450098 8634840979045613568 O45057890 2291151894450082 7816312863462522880 O59996212 424152808368583 8266093817363431424 N

Zani - I Belive I Can Fly

Living and exhibiting between Skopje and London, Zani with her rich colourful style fascinates with poetic and sincere art works.
The exhibition was shown in the period of 27.10. 2018 – 05.12.2018

Creating a work of art can truly turn you into a bird; it can inspire the strongest emotion, it can make you happy, it can make you feel as if you were really flying. In this I completely understand Zani. She spreads her wings to take off. You might say this is overly symbolic, impossible. Quite the opposite! In the sublimity of the creative act, while moving her body in the rhythm of the colour with the power of the brushstrokes she creates new worlds in which the impossible is possible.
It is with great pleasure that I write about a professional, a colleague, a painter, a friend. Having known Zani and her oeuvre for a considerable time, I shall try to fathom her thoughts and worlds. Each new artwork—despite being an extension of an old feeling, one that she relives in herself, through the essence of comunication, together with her close ones and the environment — creates new cycles of paintings, which are intended for us, for you, for thought. Beauty as the eternal theme of art also captures Zani as a seeker of smiles, of simplicity, or perhaps of the weight of happiness. The complexity of a person’s smile, so sincere, filled with life is her life, her special energy. Everyone she loves is here, in her stories on the canvas. Intimacy, chats, misunderstandings but also empathy, all that exists is to be found in her figurative compositions, built in a rich palette of strong warm hues. Fused both in strong contrast and complementarity, her compositions ask the observer to lend their ocular and intellectual attention to achieve appreciation of the wealth presented in her work. That is her sincere production of truth (art is a process of truth), a truth meant for everyone. As an artist, does one get to perceive the miraculous phenomenon of light, the tremor of colour, the lumino-chromatic meanings so specific for Zani’s art as objects or perhaps as experiences? The perception of the artist as an observer in opposition to the one of the non-artist can lead to an uncountable variety of readings and different worldly experiences from the paintings. The mystery of the game possesses its own space and its own time through the use of the actual time and space. Zaneta Gelevska Veljanovska takes us to an imaginary world of other realms with endless stories, created by careful consideration of fantasy.
That could be perhaps the desire of any artist: to evoke on the canvas the connection with their internal world. In this she succeeds thanks to her sincerity of an artist and her wealth of experience in comprehension of techniques, structure and texture masterfully used in a well-structured rich composition.
In this presentation she invites the desire to achieve the impossible: fly. We are invited to fly with her, to create our own thoughts, our own stories by entering the delight of the game of perception.

Dijana Tomik Radevska

Artist and Curator of Gallery Acanthus


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