Slikame Mural

Painting a Mural


The Akantus Gallery organizes an open workshop for painting a mural with Diana Tomikj Radevska. This workshop aims to bring the technique and process of painting a mural closer to the audience. The painting of the murala will begin on Friday, May 5th from 4:00pm to 9:00pm, and will continue on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00am to 4:00pm.

Diana Tomikj Radevska is a multimedia artist and designer. She works on graphics, painting, art installations, art video and design. Her comprehensive and versatile artistic approach, by combining different techniques, is the drive for this open workshop. Visitors will have the opportunity to not only observe the process, but also interact with the artist to get involved in creating the mural itself.

The Mural, as an artistic expression, is part of the human life of prehistory, and its first forms testify to the sign language. As an art form, it persists throughout the course of human civilization, and today it has retained the same meaning and meaning: to make images of society, which are created from stories, values, dreams and changes. That’s why we want the stories and dreams dedicated to our visitors and their energy to be part of this murals and to jointly enjoy art.




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